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At its core, counseling (or therapy) is about change. Throughout the counseling process, the focus is on the unique needs of each client. Our counselors evaluate each person’s situation and its challenges distinctly, towards identifying the next steps needed to move towards the desired change. We offer several different types (formats) of counseling, including counseling for individuals as well as couples. We also see all or part of a family: an appropriate approach for a number of different situations. We also offer a number of different options for Group Therapy, throughout the year.

Anger Management
Career Planning
Conflict Resolution
Depression & Anxiety
Emotional Regulation
Goal Setting
Grief & Loss
Interpersonal Skills
Marital Issues
Relapse Prevention
Stress Management
Opioid Dependency
Parenting skills


Small Business and Corporations use our services to develop a better work environment.

Preventative Mental Healthcare is considered by business leaders today as a crucial strategic objective in securing business excellence. TRANSITIONAL ANGER MANAGEMENT SERVICES, LLC is your preferred partner in choosing and implementing preventative mental health services that will prove to be the extra leverage you need to ensure sustainable business and customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

TRANSITIONAL ANGER MANAGEMENT's services are geared towards empowering and engaging employees in making healthy and responsible choices by providing your organization with the tools, resources, and knowledge to create a mental health supportive work environment. Our approach will promote and foster a positive impact on the employees' personal life and emotional health, co-worker relationships, and the way people deal with stress and other work related issues.

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